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Type Trends: What is your ultimate nightmare scenario?

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Today, we're unpacking your answers to the question "What is your ultimate nightmare scenario?" We received 324 answers for this one and were able to uncover some interesting trends! So grab a cuppa and strap on in!

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Time stamps:

3:22 ENFP

5:29 INFP

9:53 ENFJ

11:30 INFJ

16:49 ESFP

18:17 ISFP

20:02 ESFJ

21:23 ISFJ

22:21 Recap of the "F" answers

24:05 ENTP

28:18 INTP

32:30 ENTJ

36:19 INTJ

40:31 ESTJ

42:28 ISTJ

43:58 ESTP

45:31 ISTP

47:12 Summary of the findings

51:10 Call for help!

Thanks for listening guys!

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