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Dear Kristin 4: Unpacking my time in Korea, thoughts on INFJs, why extraverts get tired of people

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In today's "Dear Kristin" episode, I share some vulnerable thoughts and experiences from my time in Korea, amongst other type-relate questions. Thank you to Chris S, Haleemah, Nicola, Casey, Emaryllis and Ellie for submitting the questions for this one. Grab a cuppa and let's dive in!


1:44 Question from Chris Stockton: What’s your advice for using MBTI as a tool whilst creating characters in creative writing? 

5:21 From Haleemah: Do you find yourself constantly typing people in your personal life?

7:32 From Haleemah: What has your experience been like with INFJs? 

13:52 From Nicola: What was your experience in Korea like and why did you leave?

30:40 From Casey: What are some questions that you can ask people to get a sense of how they are perceiving and judging information?

34:17 From Emaryllis: I’m pretty sure I’m an ENTP, but why do I get tired from human interaction all the time?

38:25 From Ellie: What is the right thing to say to an Fi dom when they are talking to me about their feelings? (From a Ti dom)



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