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How can you give a boost to your career as an interculturalist?

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0.00 Intro to a record-breaking podcast
More resources from this episode than any other episode so far. Visit the episode webpage.

3.02 Gaby’s professional origins

Latest learning via Glasgow’s Digital Institute. The books, organisations and experiences through which she became an interculturalist.

5.33 Mentoring programme for interculturalists

Boost: SIETAR UK’s mentoring programme for interculturalists

9.06 Working at Worldwork

Trust across cultures. Also: what else is Gabriela working on?r

12.56 Building your career at a high-profile intercultural provider

Steps into the work of organisations who are influencing trends in the intercultural field: blogs, certifications, internships. Diversity of roles at large providers, including an insight into her role as a learning solutions designer.

19.40 Pros and cons of freelancing

Flexibility, choice, overwhelm, sporadic work, isolation. How to understand the customer, as an external. Lots of tips here, for example, building your relationship with your project manager.

24.37 Intercultural trainer communities and courses

Frameworks and related communities. Getting maximum benefit from your chosen certification, train-the-trainer or academic courses.

35.48 Journals and books for interculturalists

A balance of academic and personal resources. Lots of links here. Check them out on the episode page!

38.36 Podcasts and social media

More recommended channels and how to prioritise the way you engage.

47.42 Changes coming to the intercultural scene?

Awareness and relevance of intercultural skills and the impact of technology and new business practices.

51.53 Gabriela’s contribution to the Intercultural toolbox

An exercise for people who don’t change overnight (everyone)

53.37 What’s next for Gabriela


55.08 Contacting Gabriela

Find her on LinkedIn and connect

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