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How can a virtual team outperform other teams?

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Theresa Sigillito Hollema explains her origins of her work as an interculturalist and her recent focus on building capacity for virtual teamworking.

Video chapters

0.00 Intro and hello to Theresa Sigillito Hollema

Theresa’s journey into intercultural work

6.08 Dating advice from an interculturalist

How to find a Dutch husband

9.15 Rock star interculturalists

What’s it like to work with one of them?

11.26 Why is virtual collaboration so hard?

Technology, distance, culture and time. The relationship between culture and techn.

15.26 The Caldo model

Why context matters and three ways that culture impacts the virtual team. Th first way: within the team.

18.21 How has tech changed intercultural experience

Drivers of change in cultural competence

19.32 What’s harder: geographic or cultural distance?

Is a colleague outside of driving distance difficult to collaborate with?

21.40 The 2nd way: between the locations

Another way that culture impacts virtual teams and the risk of cliques forming.

24.03 The 3rd way: outside the team

The surrounding culture can have impact in surprising ways and also give the virtual team enormous potential.

28.56 Competences for global virtual teams

Cultural competence, virtual competence and what virtual competence consists of.

33.22 Writers and thinkers

Who is doing interesting research and public engagement bringing together culture and virtual?

37.30 Is virtual collaboration an afterthought?

Are we planning teams for effective collaboration?

43.00 Becoming a virtual collaboration consultant

Creating programmes for virtual teams

51.06 More about the Caldo model

A model for culture + distance

58.47 Theresa’s contribution to the Intercultural Toolbox

A Slack group for you if you are interested in virtual collaboration.

1.00.50 Contacting Theresa

Twitter, linkedin, web

Culture Count

Coming up in conversation were USA, UK, India, Netherlands, Italy, in order of mentions.

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