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Transforming Consultancy with Productisation and Automation: Tim Redgate of Axioned

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Imagine if you could transform your consultancy's repetitive tasks into a unique service offering or automate more of your back-office? That's precisely what our guest, Tim Redgate Strategy Director of Axioned, discusses in this fascinating episode of Consulting Growth. We dive deep into the concept of productisation and how it can be a game-changer for consultancies and professional service firms.

I kick off the conversation with Tim by exploring the role of tech investments for decision-makers and the potential benefits and pitfalls of productising people services. We share essential strategies, including the significance of having a passionate product owner, a dedicated team, clear goals, and budget constraints. We also highlight why it's crucial to start with a feasibility study or proof of concept before jumping into the deep end.

Later, we venture into the exciting realm of automated workflows and productisation. Imagine having a tool that could streamline your consultancy's repetitive tasks – that's the power of automation. We also discuss AI's potential across various industries and its possible impact on the consulting industry.  Tim also shares his experience with low-code and no-code solutions and how they can help to supercharge the first stages of product development. Join us on this fascinating journey, where we explore the cutting-edge intersection of technology and consulting.

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