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Phil Rolfe: from growth to sale. Twice.

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Phil Rolfe founded, grew and sold FS101 to P2 Consulting, then P2 Consulting to Valcon, where he is now the country COO for the UK. 

This episode promises a treasure trove of wisdom, from Phil's transformative journey from Eagle Star, KPMG and RBS to the innovative frontiers of Vulcan's data problem-solving focus. As your host, Professor Joe O'Mahoney, I'm thrilled to share how Phil's bold leap to the Netherlands and the launch of FS101 led to an exhilarating adventure in financial crime advisory.

You'll gain rare insight into the delicate dance between new leaders and their predecessors, and how Phil's commitment to transparent communication shaped a resilient path through the challenges of private equity involvement. His reflections on personal growth and cultivating a supportive leadership atmosphere within a large organization provide a candid glimpse into the essence of effective management.

As we explore the intricate tapestry of business growth and scaling, Phil unveils the strategic musings behind hiring decisions in a growing firm. We then discuss the future of consulting in a digitally transformed world, where AI and data analytics are not just buzzwords but pivotal tools reshaping the industry. 

For anyone eager to understand the forces driving business success and innovation, Phil's incredible journey is a beacon of inspiration and strategic acumen.

Prof. Joe O'Mahoney helps boutique consultancies scale and exit. Joe's research, writing, speaking and insights can be found at

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