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Mastering M&A in the Consultancy Sector: Jerome Glynn-Smith of Equiteq

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Unlock the secrets to a triumphant M&A journey in the knowledge economy with Jerome Glynn-Smith, the Equiteq's Head of Europe. As a former JP Morgan and Deloitte luminary, Jerome provides wisdom on the pivotal role of specialization within the technology and professional services sectors.

Our chat navigates through the critical $10 million revenue threshold, the allure of private equity in the consultancy sphere, and the delicate art of balancing risk and scalability for consulting firms on the brink of a sale.

We dissect the valuation conundrums and profit trajectories that influence the consultancy industry's M&A trends and shine a spotlight on the non-negotiables of EBITDA evaluation. Jerome also weighs in on the potential pitfalls of diversification, urging firms to sustain a laser focus on their core services to cultivate a tantalizing appeal for prospective buyers.

In our final exchange, Jerome lays out a roadmap for boutique consultancies anticipating a sale. Aligning stakeholders' visions, bolstering market presence, and maintaining a pristine and comprehensive data room emerge as the cornerstones of a well-prepared exit strategy. By championing specialization and crafting a compelling equity narrative, Jerome assures us that small to medium-sized firms can navigate M&A transactions with the precision and confidence of seasoned pros.

Prof. Joe O'Mahoney helps boutique consultancies scale and exit. Joe's research, writing, speaking and insights can be found at

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