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Episode 25: Meg Newhouse: From Clinical Psychology to the Boardroom

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Have you ever wondered how an aspiring clinical psychologist ended up co-founding a successful tech consulting firm? That's exactly the intriguing journey of Meg Newhouse, our guest for this episode. We get a fascinating peek into Meg's career pivots, starting with her initial discovery of the field of instructional design and her subsequent roles in a tech company and a large consulting firm. Her company, Inspirant Group, was sold to 10Pearls in 2023.

Meg shares how she went from writing training programs to building her boutique learning and development consulting firm. She vividly explains how the Inspirant Group was born when a good friend asked her to help build a consulting firm. In this episode, we dig into the nitty-gritty of how the Inspirant Group's founding team disrupted the consulting industry. They established their core values and behaviors and created an attractive culture for potential team members. We also touch upon the importance of resource utilization and the pitfalls of solely focusing on it.

Our conversation takes us to the complexities of being a solo entrepreneur and the crucial role of transparency and trust among co-founders. Meg reveals how they balanced decision-making processes, incentivized employees beyond sales, and kept company secrets. To top it all off, she discusses the crucial aspects of preparing for exit strategies, constructing a fair bonus structure, and the importance of engaging a broker during a company sale. This conversation is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and team-building.

Prof. Joe O'Mahoney helps boutique consultancies scale and exit. Joe's research, writing, speaking and insights can be found at

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