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Peripheral Arterial Disease

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Welcome to the 15th episode of 5 Minute Medicine! We have a HUGE episode for you guys! In this episode, we will be exploring Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). We will discuss a clinical case, definitions and the pathophysiology behind this condition. We will then learn about the 3 cardinal symptoms and clinical features of this pathology, these being intermittent claudication, rest pain, and critical limb ischemia. We will then explore the clinical examination findings of PAD. Beurger test is an important test to perform on physical examination. This episode explores how to conduct the the test, and what a positive Beurger sign means. In terms of exploring diagnosis, we will delve into the Ankle-brachial pressure index, looking at how to conduct the test and interpretation of your findings. Imaging and treatment are also discussed! Don’t forget to complete our exclusive exam-like quiz on PAD to solidify and apply your understanding of this pathology. Follow us on Spotify to be notified of our releases. We would really appreciate if you rate us 5 stars and give us a review on Apple Podcasts if you have the time too, as this really helps our discoverability follow our Ig @5.min.medicine for quizzes and notes on the topics!

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