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Community and Loyalty as a Growth Engine for Web3

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Welcome to season two of WPP’s Metaverse and More Academy Podcast. Season one episodes provided introductions to the spectrum of Web3 and metaverse topics. In season two we dive into real world applications, examples, and use cases leveraging all of the tools, technologies, and platforms that make up this emerging trend.

This episode's host, Andy Hood, VP of Emerging Technologies at WPP, meets with Justin Peyton, Chief Transformation and Strategy Officer - APAC, at Wunderman Thompson, to examine how community and loyalty is the growth engine for Web3. Together they discuss the emergence of community and loyalty schemes and the new use cases that are emerging. Justin outlines what brands should do to prepare for “wallet aware experiences” and what he is excited about in 2023. Brand illustrations in the conversation include Starbucks, Yves St Laurent, and Snoop Dogg.

Starbucks Odyssey waitlist

Yves St. Laurent Beauty Web3 Debut (NFT Evening)

Snoop Dogg (Crypto.com NFT)

Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoy this episode.

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