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Balenciaga Catastrophe, Advent Calendars & Snapchat Filters: When An Apology Simply Isn't Enough

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🚨 *TRIGGER WARNING* 🚨 - This podcast contains topics of: child pornography and grooming. 

In this episode of the Fashademix, Laura and Sophie have a meaningful conversation about childhood experiences and how they have impacted their buying decisions and as well as how they handle day to day pressures.

They also discuss in depth the catastrophic error made by the luxury fashion house Balenciaga. For over a century, the high fashion brand has been synonymous with wearable luxury, fluid tailoring, and in more recent years – Kim Kardashian. However, after several atrocious styling decisions in November earlier this year, Balenciaga is now being uttered in the same breath as child pornography, grooming, and, even Satan. What does this mean for the future of the brand. 

They get to know M&S with their recent Christmas advert calendar and look forward to the new year and what lies ahead for The Fashademix! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love Laura, Sophie and Producer Pete!


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Sophie Hillier is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing specialising in Fashion and Public Relations as well as an assistant course director in Business Management and Marketing. She has previously taught on the fashion business and promotions course for 7 years after running her own PR agency in London. Sophie is currently studying for her PHD researching crisis management in fashion retail.

Laura Carter, now a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing, has previously taught on the same Fashion Business course for the past 4 years with previous experience running large scale customer facing campaigns in the retail sector with editorial and advertorial work featured in Elle, Grazia, Vogue and so on. Laura's future focus is on ethical marketing and sustainability.

Both Sophie and Laura have a wide breadth of industry experience as well as the research and contacts that give them their edge of expertise. Commentary from both of them has been captured on ITV news, I newspaper, Birmingham Mail, Drapers. Retail Gazette and local and national radio stations.


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