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Season 2, Episode 14: I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm [a fic by haloeverlasting]

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We have another Christmas fic for you! This week Tabby reads I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (AO3 | Fic Post) by @haloeverlasting.

Louis takes a deep breath, and replies very quickly to get it over with, “Well, see, I don’t have any heat in my flat right now and it’s hard enough to go to sleep when I’m bloody freezing—”

“Oh god. And my music’s gone and made it even worse,” Harry cuts in.

“Well, it only went out today,” Louis explains, “So it wasn’t that bad before, erm. Now.”

“Before?” Harry asks, horrified. “How long has this been?”

“Oh, erm,” Louis folds his hands where they hang in front of him and admits, “All week.”

 Harry visibly wilts. He looks so sad, it makes Louis feel awful. He’s gone and crushed someone’s Christmas spirit. Some beautiful boy who looks like Danny Zuko is sad now and it’s Louis’ fault, which means he doesn’t stand a chance at being the cute neighbor from the floor below. And now he’s going to have to sleep in his freezing cold flat knowing he may as well have ruined Christmas.

Or, Louis’ heat is out, Harry’s a terrible upstairs neighbor, and an empty Christmas tree is the perfect excuse to fall in love.

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