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Season 2, Episode 11: a Flowershop special

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Today we are back with a special themed episode. This week's episode is all centered around Flowershop AUs. First, from 00:24 into the episode Emmu will read Monday (AO3 | Fic Post) by @nouies. A flower shop AU featuring a one-sided feud, puns, and a missing cat. Then, from 13:50 into the episode, Anitra will read her own fic, All This Time (AO3 | Fic Post) Louis Tomlinson had been best friends with flower shop owner Gemma Styles for years. It wasn't until she suggested he date her alpha brother that he ever thought of Harry that way. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea… And finally, from 21:05 into the episode, Anitra will read I Kinda Need A Hero (Is It You) (AO3) by @fallinglikethis Louis is a barista who’s had his heart broken. Harry is the boy who wants to put the pieces back together.

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