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Season 2, Episode 13: Oh Little Town of BATHlehem [a fic by londonfoginacup]

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This week Emmu reads Oh Little Town of BATHlehem (⁠⁠AO3⁠⁠⁠)⁠ by @londonfoginacup. Louis Tomlinson needs a small pink bathtub. He needs it. His fucking family had forgotten to include him in the email chain for Doris for Christmas, with her very carefully thought out Christmas list, until every easy item was gone. Only when he asked Lottie if anyone else had heard from Doris yet, only then did they realise their mistake and forward the email chain to him. So, it’s either a small pink bathtub or an entire bouncy castle. And if he had the money for a bouncy castle that would be fine, but that fucker costs more than his monthly rent and he simply does not make that much working as an optometrist assistant.

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