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Episode 3: Verb 'To Have' - Puntata 3: Verbo 'Avere'

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Ciao! Welcome to the third episode of Language Lessons For Mum!

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Below are the words and phrases from this episode:

Key: SING/S – singular, PL – plural, INF - informal.

Avere - To have

Io ho - I have (hint if you're reading along: h is silent)

Tu hai - You have SING

Lui, lei ha - He, she has (hint if you're reading along: h is silent)

Noi abbiamo - We have

Voi avete - You have PL

Loro hanno - They have (hint if you're reading along: h is silent)

Ho cinquantadue anni. - I'm 52 years old. (Lit. I have 52 years).

Quanti anni hai? - How old are you? INF (Lit. How many years do you have?).

Ho ventitrè anni. - I'm 23 years old. (Lit. I have 23 years).

Hai mal di testa? - Do you have a headache? SING

Sì, ho mal di testa. - Yes, I have a headache.

No, non ho mal di testa. - No, I don’t have a headache.

Hai fame? - Are you hungry? SING

Hai sete? - Are you thirsty? SING

Lei ha un raffreddore. - She has a cold.

Lui ha mal di stomaco. - He has a stomach ache.

Abbiamo buone notizie. - We have good news.

Avete figli? - Do you have children? PL

Hanno due gatti? – Do they have two cats?

Sì, hanno due gatti. - Yes, they have two cats.

No, non hanno gatti. - No, they don't have cats.

Hanno due cani. - They have two dogs.

Mangiare - To eat

Cosa ti piace mangiare? - What do you like to eat? INF

Mi piace mangiare la pasta. - I like to eat pasta.

Mi piace mangiare l’insalata. - I like to eat salad.

Mi piace mangiare tutto! - I like to eat everything!

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