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Episode 1: Greetings and Various Phrases - Puntata 1: Saluti e Varie Frasi

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Ciao! Welcome to the first episode of Language Lessons For Mum!

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Below are the words and phrases from this episode:

Buongiorno - Good morning

Buona giornata! - Have a good day!

Pomeriggio - Afternoon

Ci vediamo nel pomeriggio - See you this afternoon

Buonasera - Good afternoon / evening

Buona serata! - Have a good evening!

Buonanotte - Good night

Ciao! - Hi/Bye! INF

Ciao, ciao. Ciao. – Bye bye! (Wrapping up a phone call) INF

Pronto? – Hello? (When answering a phone call)

Salve! - Hi/Bye! INF/F

Arrivederci! - Goodbye F

Piacere! - Nice to meet you!

Mi chiamo Georgia. - My name is Georgia.

Come ti chiami? - What's your name? INF ('come' literally translates to 'how')

Come stai? - How are you? INF

Sto bene grazie. E tu? - I'm good thanks. And you? INF

Cosa fai oggi? - What are you doing today? INF

Vado al cinema. - I'm going to the cinema.

Vado a lavoro. - I'm going to work.

Ci vediamo dopo. - See you later.

Ci vediamo tra poco. - See you in a bit.

"In bocca al lupo" - Good Luck!

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