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Ciao Mamma! Benvenuta al tuo podcast: Lezioni d’Italiano per Mamma!

Hi Mum! And welcome to your podcast: Italian lessons for mum!

I'm Georgia, from Georgia's Online Academy of Language (or GOALs) and this podcast is dedicated to my mum, who is working hard to learn some Italian for when she comes to visit me in Italy. I want to help, so I thought why not make some beginner Italian lessons with words and phrases that will actually be useful?

I'm a native English speaker from Australia, but have a degree in linguistics and Italian, so I can help with what worked for me when learning the language.

This is for my mum, but if you find it helpful, why not follow along too?

Sei pronta, mamma? Are you ready, mum?

Cominciamo! Let's get started!

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