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Season 5 #4 Rosie Wilby

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Rosie Wilby is a comedian, podcaster and author of The Breakup Monologues – about the unexpected joy of heartbreak and all we can learn from it. BBC Radio 4 described her as the ‘queen of breakups’ (what an accolade!) so she was the perfect guest for a chat about how to be sad, well. Here, we talk about:


- Break up grief

- …but how we get over it twice as quickly as we predict

- Friendship breakups

- Why divorce rates for gay women are so high

- Boredom in long-term relationships

- Cheating blackbirds…

- SSRIs and ‘anti-love drugs’

- Hormones and attraction

- Separate bed stigma

- Monogamy: pros and cons

- Finding love – and getting married!


Follow Rosie on Twitter @and Instagram @breakupmonologues and check out The Breakup Monologues here. And for more on my own long (long) and illustrious history of disastrous breakups, may I nudge you towards chapters 4 and 6 of How To Be Sad…! As ever, I so appreciate your feedback and reviews so keep them coming. Until next time x


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