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Season 5 #3 Marcus Buckingham

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At a time when many of us are rethinking our work, searching for meaning and connection post pandemic, I wanted to speak to someone about the part work plays in our emotional life. So today we explore the connection between love and work with Marcus Buckingham, a leading expert in the world of work. British born, US bases, Marcus shares his research into how school can stifle our emotions and idioyncracies as well as his personal journey (plus his experience of the US college admissions scandal).  We talk about:


  • Why work is making us ‘bad’ sad
  • What to do about it
  • Finding our ‘red threads’
  • Why feedback is overrated
  • Public speaking as an introvert
  • The dangers of pathologising
  • How we are all a category of one.
Marcus’s new book, Love + Work is out now, and you can follow Marcus @marcusbuckingham How To Be Sad, the key to a happier life is out in paperback and as an audiobook, read by me – and if you enjoyed this episode, give it 5 stars and I’ll love you forever.

Thanks as ever to Matt Clacher at HarperCollins and Joel Grove for production.

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