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Season 4 #5 Tova Leigh

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Tova Leigh is a writer and performer with a global community of 1.6m fans worldwide. Born in Israel, where she practised as a lawyer, Tova moved to the UK to study acting before becoming a household name with her hilarious and honest takes on parenthood, marriage, body confidence and sex. Through her Amazon Prime documentary Mom Life Crisis, bestselling books and podcast, she speaks with frankness and vulnerability about the pressures of modern life as well as ‘the crisis’ years that many of us will face and the normal sadness of just being human.

Here, we talk about:

-       ‘The crisis’ and losing your identity

-       Overcoming fear

-       How to have a difficult conversation (spoiler: have it more than once)

-       hiding our true selves when we’re younger 

-       social media and mental health

-       monogamy and other myths

-       how to be sexual in your 40s

-       secrets, confessions and shame 

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