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Jeff Sirkka - Episode 41

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We're back with our first "regular" episode of the new year! We break down some of the biggest stories in hockey this week like the Laviolette firing, Williams heading back to Carolina, and just what the hell is happening with Montreal. Then our guest Jeff Sirkka gives TR a chance to reference the polish folk dance "the mazurka" in his intro so you know it's going to be a wild one. Jeff had a storied career in the minors and got just about as close as you can get to playing in the NHL without actually playing in the NHL.  We come back to chat about the World Juniors and Newfoundland's top NHL prospects, and get a little more negative than we should with a barroom hypothetical. All that and more on Third Man In, brought to you by HeadCheckHealth.com Shop, archive, and more at 3MIPodcast.com --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/3mipodcast/message

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