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SaaS Growth Show #03 - Guiding Businesses to Startup on SEO With Andy Allen from Hike

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What You Will Learn

  • How a startup built an intelligent platform to enable businesses to startup on SEO
  • How an intelligent platform can help guide users to grow their website search traffic
  • Attracting the right market through finding intended audiences and growing revenue stream

“If you put yourself around the right people and the right environment, ideas will spring up.”

- Andy Allen, Hike co-founder

From what inspired the co-founders to start Hike, to growing their business and attracting audiences, Andy Allen of Hike talks to MarTech Wise about leveraging on their resources to grow the business.

Today, he discusses the process of building Hike and how they created a product that works for the users. He discusses three main parts of the platform that distinguishes their product to make it simple for agencies - one, the building of an SEO strategy, two, tapping on keyword research and three, utilizing landing pages.

Andy also shares about the advantages of a SaaS or a software as a service, and how this enables him to leverage on certain channels to grow the service. He also discusses where he sees himself and the business in five years’ time.

Find out more and listen to the podcast below!

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