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SaaS Growth Show #01 - Building A Social Media Collaboration Platform With Xenia Muntean From Planable

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What You Will Learn

  • How a social media collaboration tool can make your workflow easier
  • Marketing strategies to build and grow your startup
  • Attracting audience through content and inbound marketing

From what spurred the co-founders to build Planable, to what they are doing to grow their start-up, Xenia Muntean, CEO of Planable, talks to MarTech Wise about how they built the social media collaboration tool.

Today, she discusses the ups and downs of building Planable. What perennial problems faced by agencies and social media marketers did they want to address? How does Planable make the collaboration and communication process more efficient?

Xenia also shares about how content and inbound marketing worked for their platform, and how they used it to strategize and grow the business. She also gave a piece of advice she thinks any business and startup founder should know.

“The startup life is a never ending rollercoaster." - Xenia Muntean, Planable CEO

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