Mindful Moments for Families and Schools podcast

Focusing on Our Strengths of Character Can Lead Us to Resillience: a conversation with Marjorie Aunos, a psychologist, inspirational speaker, author, and researcher

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In this episode I am joined by psychologist, Marjorie Aunos.  Marjorie begins by telling us her incredible story.  Her life changing experience led her to finding a new perspective and way of approaching life.  We talk about character strenghths, positive pschology, and how they both relate to mindfulness.  The tips Marjorie shares are so valuable for both teachers and parents.  If you would like to learn ways to change your perespective and help your children become resillent and confident then listen in to hear all she has to say and connect with Marjorie to learn even more. https://www.instagram.com/ninjamarj/

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