Mindful Moments for Families and Schools podcast

Finding Community: A Conversation with Extra Lucky Moms, Taryn Lagonigro and Jessica Quarello

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In this episode I talk to two moms who found themselves on a journey in the special needs  ommunity.  We learn the stories of both Taryn Lagonigro and Jessica Quarello, how their daughters brought them together and ignited a passion in both of them to serve the moms of special needs chidlren.  Jessica and Taryn founded Extra Lucky Moms to create community for all special needs moms, regardless of what diagnosis their kids have. This platform is a place for moms to come to get inspired and fulfilled, laugh and learn and be seen and heard. It's a space to find real moms talking about real life, interviews with people who inspire and to learn about all abilities and disabilities to create a more inclusive world.  We talk about finding community for support, advocating, self care and so much more.  You can learn more about their mission on Instagram @extraluckymoms or at their website extraluckymoms.com.

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