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Today’s story is from the kingdom of Zazau, which is located in present-day Northern Nigeria in West Africa, it is about Queen Aminatou who was known as a great military strategist. A cavalry-trained Queen who fought many wars that expanded the southern-most part of the Hausa kingdom. Her story was recorded in the Kano Chronicle, a well-regarded and detailed history book of the city of Kano and the surrounding Hausa people. It was composed in the late 19th century and comprises early, oral histories from the region. Today's episode is dedicated to my good friend Valerie Kerri, fellow podcaster (The Valerie Kerri Show) and the real-life warrior queen. Giraffe's Eggs available on amazon: http://bit.ly/GiraffesEggs  --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lmdaini/message

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