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Episode 2: Le Palais de Justice de Rouen

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Aujourd’hui nous allons vous parler de l’emblématique Palais de Justice de Rouen. Puis nous aborderons la vie de Pierre Corneille, ce dramaturge français qui est une des figures emblématiques de Rouen. 

Nous finirons en beauté avec la présentation d’une spécialité culinaire de la région : les aguignettes ! Et si vous ne savez pas ce dont il s’agit je laisse planer le suspense, vous pourrez le découvrir d’ici quelques minutes !

French language school French in Normandy-IH Rouen is proud to launch a series of podcasts that will introduce to you the beautiful city of Rouen.  🤩  Each episode will feature one of the city’s historic buildings and monuments with fun facts and figures, anecdotes, and an interview with one of the city’s leading figures. 

As Rouen is the only city in France to have been awarded UNESCO Creative City status for its gastronomy, no podcast would be complete without a local or regional specialty and a filmed recipe for you to try at home. 

Each podcast is accompanied by sound bites and film clips for use in the classroom or for students and Francophiles to be able to access each of the separate subjects talked about. 

For teachers of French, each episode is completed by worksheets, ideas for activities, and sites for further research. All in all, the Friends in Normandy series is a useful addition for all types of French language programmes and a thoroughly enjoyable way to listen to and practise the French language. 

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