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323 - Unleashing Your Greatness w/ George Mumford

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In this episode, Jay sits down with George Mumford, a renowned mindfulness and performance coach, to explore the power of unlocking one's potential. 

  • [05:01] George Mumford's Story: George shares his incredible personal journey, from struggling with addiction to discovering mindfulness and transforming his life.
  • [08:30] The Essence of Mindfulness: George breaks down the concept of mindfulness, likening it to a mirror that reflects reality without judgment or self-reference.
  • [19:20] Embracing Discomfort for Growth: George emphasizes the importance of pushing beyond comfort zones to unlock latent potential and achieve remarkable results.
  • [46:52] Freedom as a State of Mind: George explains how true freedom lies in one's mindset and the ability to respond to life's challenges with grace and resilience.
  • [51:26] Insights from High-Performing Athletes: George shares profound lessons learned from working with icons like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, highlighting their unparalleled work ethic and resilience.
  • [59:33] George Mumford's Mission: George articulates his life's mission to unlock the divine spark within every human being, guided by values of love, curiosity, truth, and wisdom.


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