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322 - Business Mastery w/ Tony Robbins (Pt. 3)

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Join us for part 3 of our revisit to the legendary ‘Business Mastery’ series, where Jay and Tony Robbins deliver timeless strategies and transform businesses in real-time.

  • [00:00] Podcast Introduction
  • [05:20] Participant 1: A legal marketing recruiter shares the challenge of attracting the best talent for marketing and recruiting roles at top law firms. While the recruiter has a strong reputation and a steady flow of open positions from clients, the difficulty lies in sourcing the highest caliber candidates.
  • [13:28] Participant 2: A SAT tutor shares his challenge in transitioning from primarily having $150/hour clients to getting more $500/hour clients. The discussion delves into the importance of identifying the referring sources for the different client segments and understanding what differentiates the higher paying clients.
  • [22:04] Participant 3: The owner of a chain of 40 martial arts schools across 8 states shares his challenge in centralizing and systematizing key business functions like lead generation, sales, retention, and referrals.
  • [36:58] Participant 4: The participant is a major shareholder in an Australian public company that has developed a patented technology to convert end-of-life non-recyclable plastic into road-ready diesel and gasoline. While the company is achieving commercial success, they are struggling to fulfill their environmental mission of reducing the amount of plastic pollution in the world's waterways and landfills.
  • [43:31] Podcast Outro


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