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319 - Business Mastery w/ Tony Robbins (Pt. 1)

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In this throwback episode, we return to the most powerful series of episodes we've released on this podcast yet. Listen in to Jay and Tony Robbins as they take the stage to shape and transform businesses for their audience members in real time.

  • [00:00] Podcast Introduction
  • [02:08] Breakdown of Event: Jay and Tony break down the live business mastery session, explaining how they'll provide real-time guidance and insights to audience members seeking to elevate their businesses.
  • [08:21] Participant 1: We delve into the challenges faced by a provider of training materials and manuals for the aviation sector, targeting airlines and training centers. The discussion highlights their struggle against internal departments of potential clients, which hinders their business expansion.
  • [23:43] Participant 2: A well-respected yoga teacher shares their challenges and successes of marketing yoga teacher training programs worldwide. This participant seeks guidance on separating their personal brand from their business identity to manage expectations and scale their enterprise effectively.
  • [28:53] Participant 3: The founder of a marketing SaaS company discusses their platform's role in helping local businesses, particularly real estate professionals, generate consistent revenue by engaging with their communities. Despite offering a compelling money-back guarantee, the company seeks strategies to double this success rate.
  • [40:15] Participant 4: An entrepreneur discusses the launch of a new website designed for business owners in the Caribbean looking to sell their businesses. Despite the innovative concept, the site struggles to attract its initial listings due to low traffic.
  • [48:43] Podcast Outro


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