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313 - Stephen M.R. Covey - Trust & Inspire: Leadership for a New Era

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Stephen M.R. Covey returns with transformative insights on leadership and trust in the modern world. Exploring the shift from traditional command-and-control approaches to a trust-and-inspire philosophy, Covey delves into how these principles are not just about business efficiency, but also about fostering meaningful work and inspiring both teams and consumers in a world brimming with choices.

  • The Outdated Command-and-Control Model: Stephen explains that the old way of leading through command and control is becoming obsolete in a knowledge-worker economy characterized by service and collaboration.
  • The Rise of Trust-and-Inspire Leadership: The discussion centers on the necessity for leaders to evolve and adopt a trust-and-inspire approach that is more suitable for today's interconnected and choice-rich world.
  • The Distinction Between Leading and Managing: Stephen emphasizes the importance of managing systems and leading people. When people are treated as things, it diminishes their potential and desire to be part of the organization.
  • Inspiration as a Learnable Skill: Contrary to the belief that inspiration is an innate trait, Stephen explains that it is a skill that can be cultivated through empathy, belonging, and connection to a shared purpose.
  • Consumer Relationships in the Trust Economy: The conversation turns to how trust-and-inspire principles apply not only internally within organizations but also externally in customer relationships, advocating for a pull strategy over a push strategy.
  • The Imperative of Winning in the Workplace First: Stephen stresses the importance of creating a high-trust culture internally to foster collaboration and innovation before translating these successes to the marketplace.
  • Global Reach and Resources: Stephen mentions the availability of his work "Speed of Trust" in Japan and the various resources and workshops offered by the Franklin Covey Japan team.


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