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312 - Facebook Q&A with Dave Asprey - 'Entrepreneur Disrupted' Series - Ep #16

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In this final episode of the Entrepreneur Disrupted series, Jay and Dave answer questions via a Facebook live. From learning how to start a business with no prior experience to using high-level marketing, this episode is a great way to peek inside the business minds of Jay and Dave.

In this series, Jay partners with Dave Asprey to cover many of the questions, topics, and issues that entrepreneurs will face in their journey.

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•0:00 – Introduction
•2:05 – Is it better to get a loan or an investor (or neither)?
•3:30 – What is the chance of a new US recession?
•4:40 – How to start a health and wellness company
•8:10 – Do you practice affirmations and what is your self-improvement mindset?
•9:30 – How to start a business if you didn’t study business at school
•12:20 – Is marketing deception? How to stay ethical when marketing
•17:20 – How you can master Asana through Leverage
•19:40 – The methods of monetizing a podcast
•22:25 – What is the best way to reach out to influencers?
•27:15 – How to cut through the digital clutter & push or pull marketing?
•30:25 – Learn how to generate more leads
•31:20 – What is the most exciting “coming up” industry
•36:25 – How to master Asana

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