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Hello guys!

How are you doing? This is a typical question to ask in English when you greet someone, but what do we say in Serbian?

If you're close to someone, you will say: Gde si? Yes, you ask someone where are you, as in where have you been, what is going on in your life, and so on. And although the question is not literal many times you will hear:

Evo me u gradu, radim to, to i to.


Evo idem u grad, idem do banke pa posle....

You really do need to know to speak about cities you visited or where you live, to say what's out there and what you like doing. That is why Chris and I prepared this video for you. Through our conversation about two cities we both lived in, Belgrade and Avilés you will find out about:



and lifestyle in a city.

So, tell us what is your city like. We're dying to know where you're from :)


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