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TalkIn' Serbian Beginner - Episode 10 - Birthdays in Serbia (Rođendan)

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Our little boy turned one. As special as this is for any first-time parents, it also got us thinking about birthdays. We were talking about the usual birthday traditions, places to celebrate, and gifts.

From a learning-Serbian point of view, there was always a struggle to learn to say dates. And the mere fact that in Serbian you say: “I have -number- years” (not I’m -number- years old) always confused everyone literally translating from English.

So, these and more are the things you’re going to learn from this episode. And yes, it was supposed to be 15 mins tops, as always. But hey, things got out of hand.

“Who knew there were so many things to say about birthdays?”, Chris added.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Let us know in the comments how you celebrate birthdays in your country. Na srpskom, naravno. :)


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