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TalkIn' Serbian Beginner - Episode 09 - "At the doctor's" Guide in Serbian

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Once upon a time, there was a person who said: "Hey, make an episode about going to the doctor's". A long time has passed, but we managed to do it.

Not only did we make a beginner episode about going to the doctor's in Serbian, but we actually made something different from what you heard before. Instead of a simple dialogue between Chris and me, now you can hear different role-play conversations.

What are you actually going to learn here?

After listening to the episode, you should be able to answer simple questions and follow simple instructions in a health center. These instructions include verbal phrases and mild orders. Also, talking to a doctor wouldn't be possible without body vocabulary. So, we touched on that, too.

Of course, in the second part, you will hear everything explained in English.


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