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Instagram filters, Facetune and getting paid to catfish?

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In the world of Instagram filters and Facetune, it's hard to know what anyone actually looks like anymore. Facetune has made it easy to edit our photos, and Instagram story filters have made it easy to edit our videos. A lot of the time, it's harmless. But when influencers start showing up on their stories and feeds with flawless blurred skin, huge eyes, big lips and tiny noses, it kind of makes you wonder... is there a line? Do we have a responsibility to our followers to present ourselves in a way that is realistic and accurate, so that we don't contribute to their insecurities about their appearance and they way they think they "should" look? And is there a moral code around using skin filters when promoting makeup products? Or Facetuning your body when promoting swimwear? Let's chat!

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