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Body positivity is HARD

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Body positivity is surprisingly complex. It's not as simple as repeating a self-love mantra to yourself every morning and every night; in fact some days it can be a battle between the negative thoughts and the positive ones. It can feel like a tennis match - a bad thought comes straight for you at speed and you've got to quickly whack it out of your brain with a positive one. Some days those negative thoughts are coming at you non-stop and you feel defeated, other days you're on top of your game and the positive thoughts easily outnumber the negative ones. I always preach how important it is so take care of yourself and appreciate the body you have, but the truth is, sometimes that can be really, really hard, and I never want people to think they've failed if they have a few days, or weeks, where they've felt like they've lost that battle. We're human, and we're going to have days where everything we've learnt and all the progress we've made goes out the window. I've had a few of those days recently, so I wanted to share with you my approach to combatting those thoughts and getting myself back on track. It's important to remember that body positivity is something that most people will probably need to work on for the rest of their lives, as society changes the goal post of what is considered 'beautiful', and we're faced with the reality of whether or not we fit that image. I'm really happy with how this podcast came out, and I encourage you to listen to the end. If you did enjoy, please subscribe, rate and review! :)

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