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Why you're already great at sales (and how to get better)

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Today I’m talking about selling in your business. Why we dislike the idea of sales so much, dig deeper into your own thoughts and fears about selling your products and services, convince you that you’re already great at selling (even if you believe you hate it), and give you 7 tips to be better at selling and leading through influence.

All of which is aimed at helping you to create offers that align with your purpose and truly speak to your audience, so that you can create the income and growth in your business that you deserve

Because I am so passionate about helping you have confidence in selling, I am giving a live training webinar on Wednesday 1st March 2023 on The 7-Figure Secrets to Making More Sales (even if you really hate selling). You can register for free here:

To create a really connected experience I am limited spaces on the live webinar to just 20. If you can’t make it on the day, don’t worry. Just register so I can email you the link to the replay.

Go on, I DARE you!

I’d love to hear about your own experiences and beliefs around selling, and how overturning those beliefs could transform your business, so please share your own experiences with me on social media. You can tag me on LinkedIn at Dr Jo Cresswell – The DARING Entrepreneur and on Instagram at jocresswell_coach, send me a DM, or an email at [email protected]

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