BEING Human in Life, Work, and Leadership podcast

BEING Human in Life, Work, and Leadership

Dr Joanne Cresswell

Don’t you wish somebody had given you the alternative leadership handbook when you first started? You know, the one with the stuff they don’t teach you in business school – like how everything comes down to human beings. In this podcast you’ll learn how to: • Find YOUR purpose and create the life, career, or leadership you’ve always dreamed of. • Set aside leadership theories and connect with people at a human level. • Navigate the choppy waters of organisational politics and build strong, confident relationships. • Understand why you’re struggling in your life, work, or leadership role, and know that you’re not alone You’re in luck! Dr Jo Cresswell – The Human BEING Coach is here to share her 20-year leadership, coaching and mindset experience, combined with ideas inspired by Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, Brene Brown and Carol Dweck, to help you to lead people with passion and purpose. • Learn strategies to revolutionise your confidence, impact, and success! • Learn how to communicate effectively • Learn how to connect with the living, breathing human beings at the centre of work and life Let me help you dare to change the world by discovering your passion and living your purpose. My podcast, BEING Human in life, work, and leadership will talk about all these concepts and much more. You’ll definitely want to listen! Follow Dr Jo on LinkedIn @Dr-Jo-Cresswell-The-Human-BEING-Coach

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