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How to stop saying 'BUT' and step into possibility

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In this episode I talk about something that can massively impact your sense of DARING, your motivation, and your belief and confidence in your own ability to succeed in your business, life and leadership. I am talking about the word BUT. Just 3 letters but with untold power in self-sabotage

Then I’ll talk about the 4 step process to help you let go of BUT and step forwards into a world of possibility.

So, how big is your ‘BUT’? More importantly, is your ‘BUT’ getting in your way. Are you aware of the impact it has on your motivation and whether or not you embrace possibilities?

To help you step into possibility, I’ve created a free video training on how to transform your business through the power of a DARING Mindset. This is a recording of the seminar I gave at Europe’s biggest Business show. To access the training completely free of charge, simply click this link:

Go on, I DARE you!

I’d also love to hear what happens to you when you change BUT to AND – what possibilities open up for you and what was the result, so please share your own experiences with me on social media. You can tag me on LinkedIn at Dr Jo Cresswell – The DARING Entrepreneur and on Instagram at jocresswell_coach, send me a DM, or an email at [email protected]


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