The Sleep Mums podcast

New Year, New Routine

Spol 15 sekunder tilbage
Spol 15 sekunder frem

Sleep is generally not something associated with New Year - it’s all about counting down the minutes to staying up late. 

But once the holiday hangover, be that from too much mulled wine, mother in laws or mince pies, subsides everyone is all about making a fresh start.

A change in routine isn’t a resolution, though, a good routine grounds you, giving you stability to deal with the mountain of other shit we have to do on the daily as parents.

In this podcast, we’ll help you to make a plan to get there.


1 - Here and Now 2 - Where to start 3 - Getting Back on Track 4 - Reaching Milestones 5 - I’ve not slept in three years, surely a routine can’t change that?

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