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The Only Thing You Should Be Inhaling – Stephen Baldassarri, MD, MHS

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We know smoking is bad for us, we've been hearing it for decades at this point. Unfortunately it wasn't always this way. The use of cigarettes and smoking in general has changed dramatically within the last several decades and many still struggle with the addiction or with its chronic effects. In this episode, Dr. Baldassarri dives into smoking, cigarettes, addiction, and much more.  Dr. Baldassarri completed his residency in Internal Medicine from the Yale School of Medicine before completing a fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine also from Yale. He is also board certified in addiction/preventive medicine and currently serves as an assistant professor of medicine at the Yale School of Medicine. He has appeared on other podcasts and is well-published on topics relating to smoking, addiction, and sleep. Show Outline How did you get interested in smoking cessation and addiction medicine with your pulmonary/crit care background? What does preventive medicine mean to you? How has the use of cigarettes changed in the last several years? Has the gap been filled by other devices such as vapes or by marijuana? What interventions have helped bring the use of cigarettes down? How do you approach the conversation? For those who have quit but have a significant smoking history, what can be done to reduce their risk of chronic lung disease? Marijuana has gained a lot of popularity as an alternative medicine, what are the risks associated with marijuana use either through vape or smoking it? If you’re at a coffee shop and someone asks you “how do I get healthy?” what do you tell them in the 2 minutes you’re waiting for your coffee? Join our Mailing List HERE: Mailchimp

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