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Let’s Separate Weight and Health in 2023 – Ragav Sharma, DO, CSCS

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It's 2023. It's time we separate our weight from our health. Everywhere we look, health and weight has been synonymous leading to body dysmorphia, poor relationships with food, and many other issues. Well, there's many more benefits to eating well and physical activity!  In this podcast, I go over some of the highlights from the podcast for the last year, some of my life events from 2022, podcast goals for this year, and then dive into dividing out health from fitness and nutrition. Ragav's Social Media: Instagram Twitter Link Show Notes Top Episodes Links:  Dealing with Burnout, and ICU Physician Tells All - Jeremy Topin, MD: The Dogma of Diets and Nutritional History - Alan Flanagan, MsC: Are We Really in Control of Our Diet? - Stephen Guyenet, PhD: Article Suggestions:  The Beginner Prescription by Barbell Medicine  Health Priorities by Barbell Medicine Join our Mailing List HERE: Mailchimp

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