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SHIFTing To Concierge Medicine – Ari Levy, MD, MBA

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If you listen to this podcast, you likely pay some sort of membership fee either for coaching, the gym, or another health related item. You get access to the facility, time with the coach, and whatever else is included in the fee. What if medicine was practiced the same way? Enter concierge medicine. Dr. Ari Levy is a serial entrepreneur and physician who founded SHIFT which is a concierge medicine practice focused on integrating all aspects of health under one roof. In this episode we discuss what SHIFT is, what concierge medicine is, how Dr. Levy's vision seems to be the gold standard when it comes to being mindful of prevention, and lastly the pitfalls of concierge medicine.  Go check out: for more information on SHIFT and to see if you would like to make the SHIFT!  Episode Outline What does preventive medicine mean to you? What is SHIFT and what inspired you to start this practice? What differentiates it from what people usually think of as their doctor? Do you think physicians should get involved with advising patients on lifestyle modification or should we just focus on the medicine? What results have you seen with the “life” package through SHIFT? Do people take advantage of their resources? How does the model of concierge medicine work? Does this mean members don’t need insurance at all? What does it take to have these kinds of services available for those of lower socioeconomic standing? How do you keep it all evidence based when you hire for different positions? If you were waiting for your coffee at Starbucks and someone who recognizes you asks “how do I get healthy,” what do you tell them in the 2 minutes you have? Join our Mailing List HERE: Mailchimp

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