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It's The Witty Writers Show spicy book chat with spicy romance author Beth Worsdell and guests, dark fantasy author Josephine Wrightson, and Lee Anna Dunk, from Slam Dunks Luscious Reads.

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Join spicy romance author Beth Worsdell and her guests, dark fantasy author Josephine Wrightson, and book blogger, Lee Anna Dunk from Slam Dunk's Luscious Reads on The Witty Writers Show. Tune in live for a laugh-out-loud spicy book chat, where these ladies will be chatting about everything books, including those steamy, hot reads that will make everyone blush. They will also be chatting about Beth Worsdell's upcoming spicy romantic comedy book, Calling Clarissa, which is releasing May 31st. Calling Clarissa has already received twelve 5-star reviews on Goodreads, and it is blowing away its ARC readers with its humor and spice. #CallingClarissa now available on #NetGalley A hot, spicy, and hilarious romantic comedy. Clarissa, a disheartened single mum, finds her niche when her best friend suggests a career change, and she meets a hot, sexy nerd who's kinky. Blurb Clarissa Darcy didn't think life could get any worse. A single mum of two young boys, with an arsehole for an ex-husband who never helps. Thank god she has her two best friends, Becky and Hayley, and an open mind. Stuck in a customer service job she hates, a pervert boss, and outrageous child care costs, Clarissa doesn't have two pennies to rub together until Hayley suggests a new way to earn a living, phone sex chat lines. Shock turns to empowerment when Clarissa unexpectedly finds her niche. Not only does she earn good money in her new job, but she also finds her lost confidence, female sexual power, and a renewed lust for life. What she also doesn't expect is to bump into a hot and sexy nerd who wants her to become his Dominatrix. Who knew that a single mum could find happiness dominating powerful men, and so many men had freaky and funny fetishes? Clarissa certainly didn't.

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