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Historical fiction author, Karen Martin, chats with Paul Rushworth-Brown for The Witty Writers Show at Book Fair Australia.

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The brilliant, Paul Rushworth-Brown Author, managed to squeeze in one last author interview with historical fiction author, Karen Martin, at Book Fair Australia. Talking about her wonderful book, The Bringer Of Happiness.

About Karen Martin:

Karen is an independent award-winning Australian playwright, theatre director, and author living in regional Victoria, Australia. She ran away with the Women's Circus, created plays in prisons, and wrote theatre that strived for transformation. She won awards for her work, received funding to travel to write in situ, and learned to listen as the muses whispered in her ear.

Dancing the Labyrinth is her debut novel in the thematic series Women Unveiled. Each novel can be read separately but are united by a distinctive feminine narrative exploring societal boundaries. The series blends Greek mythology, history, and imagination in the telling of (almost true) stories.

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