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Silence Equals Death: AIDS Epidemic through the Eyes of an Activist - Richard Poulin

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
In this emotionally stirring episode of the 'Straight Friendly' podcast, host Michael Ross engaged in a deeply personal conversation with Rick Poulin, a survivor and activist from the daunting era of HIV and AIDS in the United States. The episode offers listeners an opportunity to delve into an intense recount of Rick's firsthand encounters with the deadly disease, unmasking the initial silence and denial that surrounded it, and the widespread fear amongst the community. Exclusively narrated by Rick, the conversation threads through his early activism in the LGBTQ+ alliance, volunteering on the AIDS hotline, dealing with the excruciating pain of losing friends to the disease, and the ultimate importance of outspoken advocates throughout the struggle. Michael Ross and Rick Poulin underlined the importance of speaking out and acting despite adversity, turning the spotlight on the fight against HIV/AIDS and its persisting impact in today’s society.

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