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A Journey from LA to Portugal: Steve Wiseman's Take on Being Jewish, Gay, and an Immigrant

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
In this episode of the 'Straight Friendly' podcast, host Michael Ross engaged in a deep and eye-opening conversation with Steve Wiseman, a Jewish gay man about their varying experiences with antisemitism, prejudice, and the LGBTQ+ communities. They also explore the shared experiences of immigration, adapting to new environments, and the power of community. With Steve having experienced a series of antisemitic attacks in the past, both are deeply affected by these experiences and utilize this platform to share their stories. Furthermore, they highlight the importance of kindness and allyship, stressing that allies are found in diverse groups, and not just those with similar views. They underscored their shared belief in the power of community, supporting each other and standing together in the face of discrimination, prejudice, and violence. From their personal struggles to moving global issues, the conversation serves as an important reminder of the shared human experience and the critical need for empathy, compassion, and understanding in our society.

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