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✈️LGBTQ+ Tourism: Empowering Travelers and Overcoming Challenges - Ed Salvato Part A

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Join us for part 1 out of 2 exciting Straight-Friendly episodes about the fascinating world of LGBTQ+ tourism! Get ready as host Michael Ross sits down with the wonderful Ed Salvato to dive into the details of what makes this tourism so unique and different from regular tourism. Ed is a true travel expert, with a background in applied math, economics, and market research, and he's here to share his insider knowledge and incredible experiences.  We get to hear about Ed’s personal journey to tourism after a highly successful career in a totally different field. In this laid-back conversation, Michael and Ed explore the incredible economic impact of LGBTQ+ tourism. Did you know that US consumers spend a whopping 218,000,000,000 DOLLARS A YEAR on LGBTQ+-friendly travel? That's a lot of love and wanderlust! Ed breaks it all down, giving insights into what makes LGBTQ+ tourism different and how destinations and accommodations can create spaces that are welcoming and safe.
Intrigued yet? Press the play button and find out the rest with us!

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