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Caitlin Sarian, known on TikTok as Cybersecurity Girl, joins Stephanie, Ilana, and Evan on this week's episode of Secure the Job: Breaking into Security. Caitlin is the Global Lead of Cybersecurity Advocacy at Tiktok and is a prominent cybersecurity influencer with almost half a million followers across social media platforms. With her nearly ten years of international experience in cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection, she discusses how she got started in security, current industry trends she is paying attention to, and what excites her about the future.  

In This Episode You Will Learn:    

  • What inspired Caitlin to start her TikTok account 
  • How her perception of security changed after starting her career 
  • What she considers the single most important skill in this type of work 

Some Questions We Ask:    

  • What have you found most interesting about creating this type of content?  
  • How have you used this as a platform to spread your message?  
  • What is your message to Cybersecurity hiring executives?  


Caitlins School of CyberSecurity 

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